A huge amount has happened since Complexity were crowned Call of Duty World Champions in 2014. The release of a new title, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare to be the most important. Call of Duty Ghost’s was not enjoyed by many but since UMG Orlando the hype around game has been insane.

With that being said, the Call of Duty World Championships will consist of 32 teams from 6 continents. This tournament will take place in where else than L.A (Los Angeles) and will be played over the week of March 27th-29th with the winner taking home the best part of $1,000,000. Oh, and don’t forget the much thought after World Championship Rings!

But wait one second. Players from all around the globe are already upset that to qualify to attended the World Championships they will have to compete in various long winded online tournaments. Dates can be found for each online qualifier below;

  • January 17th – Singapore/Hong Kong/Taiwan Qualifier
  • January 17th – Australia Qualifier #1
  • January 17th – Brazil Qualifier #1
  • January 18th – Australia Qualifier #2
  • January 18th – Brazil Qualifier #2
  • January 25th – New Zealand Qualifier
  • January 31st – United Arab Emirates Qualifier
  • January 31st – Italy Qualifier
  • January 31st – Spain Qualifier
  • January 31st – Germany Qualifier #1
  • January 31st – France Qualifier #1
  • January 31st – UK/Ireland Qualifier #1
  • February 1st – UK/Ireland Qualifier #2
  • February 1st – Denmark/Norway/Sweden/Finland Qualifier
  • February 1st – Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg Qualifier
  • February 1st – France Qualifier #2
  • February 1st – Germany Qualifier #2
  • February 7th – Mexico Qualifier
  • February 7th – Canada Qualifier #1
  • February 7th – United States Qualifier #1
  • February 8th – Canada Qualifier #2
  • February 8th – United States Qualifier #2

With three quarters of the Complexity lineup making the move to Optic Gaming/Nation. Do you think the #GreenWall are favourites going into this event?

Let us know your thoughts.