As most of you know, the 2015 season is starting very soon. In only two days 10 teams will compete against each other to get that spot at the 2015 World Championships. After the 4th season, a lot of teams thought it was time for some major changes and the format of the LCS also went through some changes. In the previous years of LCS there were 8 teams in Cologne, Europe playing against each other. This year the tournament expanded and 10 teams will be playing in the LCS studios located in Berlin. Because there were such huge changes to the teams in LCS we decided to give you an overview of the 2015 EU LCS contenders.


Elements (previously Alliance)

  • Wickd
  • Shook
  • Froggen
  • Rekkles
  • Nyph


  • Huni
  • Reignover
  • Febiven
  • Steeelback
  • Yell0wStaR

SK Gaming

  • fredy122
  • Svenskeren
  • Fox
  • nRated


  • Overpow
  • Jankos
  • Nukeduck
  • Woolite
  • VandeR

Meet Your Makers (previously Supa Hot Crew)

  • Mimer
  • H0R0
  • Kori
  • MrRalleZ
  • Nisbeth

Gambit Gaming

  • Cabochard
  • Diamond
  • niQ
  • P1noy(aka Krislund)
  • Edward

Copenhagen Wolves

  • YoungBuck
  • Airwaks
  • Soren
  • Freeze
  • Unlimited

Unicorns of Love

  • Vizicsacsi
  • Kikis
  • PowerOfEvil
  • Vardags
  • Hylissang


  • Odoamne
  • Loulex
  • Ryu
  • Hjarnan
  • Voidle


  • Werlyb
  • Fr3deric
  • xPePii
  • Adryh
  • Rydle

Cyanide(former Fnatic) and Genja(former Gambit Gaming) both retired from competitive play. A lot of people may also wonder what happened to the guys from Fnatic. Cyanide retired and now streams very often on Twitch. xPeke decided to fulfil his dream of starting his own team. They will try to score a spot in the EU LCS by finishing first in the EU Challenger Series. Origen is the name his team plays under and the roster has recently been announced:

origen banner


  • sOAZ
  • Amazing
  • xPeke
  • Zvanillian(aka Niels)
  • Mithy