Yesterday, DICE announced “the community map project“.

The Goal

Build a new map from the ground up, where community feedback guides development through the CTE. Continuously publishing new versions of the map and giving insight to the development process along the way. The end result to be released to everyone on all platforms.

High Level Framework

• A Core Battlefield experience (Terrain based, supports vehicles).
• Medium size footprint – Example: Zavod 311.
• Main game mode Conquest – (5 flag CQL, 3 flag CQS).
• Maximize gameplay destruction, kept consistent across the map.
• No set piece levolution event – we want to keep those efforts in the gameplay destruction instead.
• A pleasant setting, not a night map – we are looking for clear visibility, gameplay and visuals here.

First Things First

As the community is along for this ride – we do not have a map to play on yet, and we have a few things we’d like to know from you guys first!

What are you hoping to see in the community map?

• Gameplay: Battlepickups? Verticality?
• Vehicles: Boats? Jets?
• Flag Layouts: Linear & narrow? Wide and circular?
• Location?

There is also the Competitive Squad Obliteration coming in March!