Joe Roberts
eLevate Robz

Harry Smith
infused Joocy

Lewis Walker
Orbit Lewis

Josh Taylor

You recently qualified for the CoD EU Championship Finals in London, how was your run in the online tournament and what are your teams thoughts on qualifying?

REALIZE – Our run in the qualifiers on the first day was pretty straight forward until we played TCM who beat us to qualify, but after the loss we knew we would definitely qualify the next day so we just kept our heads up. The next day was really straight forward, we didn’t drop a map all day.

How confident are you that you will qualify for the Global Finals in Los Angeles?

REALIZE – We are pretty confident that we will qualify for LA, me and Robz both qualified last year in the same team, and Lewis and Harry both qualified under different teams also, so we all know what to expect. I think you have to be confident to a certain degree in order to qualify.

What are your predictions on the UK teams that will qualify for the Global finals?

REALIZE – I have TCM and Epsilon both qualifying as most people expect, the Infused vs Millenium game will be really close but I think Millenium will clinch it due to being a team for longer.

If you qualify for the Global Finals in Los Angeles, what position would you be aiming for?

REALIZE – Anything in the money really, after last year I feel we got cheated out a bit as we topped our group, but had to play a best of one search and destroy against nV and Immunity to advance into bracket play. Going over there and not placing in money in my opinion, is a failure.

How did your team prepare for the CoD Championship this year?

REALIZE – To be honest, we didn’t have much time to prepare. I was in two teams coming up to the qualifiers. Then the other 3 had a 4th who couldn’t really put the time in, so they dropped him a week before the qualifier. I scrimmed with them once or twice and we all just thought we would give it a go and see how it went really.

What do you feel is your teams biggest strength coming into the CoD EU Championship?

REALIZE – I think the fact we all qualified last year helps us out massively as there is great pressure to win our game for both teams. We have also all played together before so we are all confident in each others ability and our team chemistry is also good.

What are your thoughts on Gfinity being chosen to host the CoD European finals once again at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London?

REALIZE – I think it will be a great event. I am really excited to play in it, hopefully a lot of people turn up to watch. Gfinity always put on amazing events so I am really looking forward to it.

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