The CoD EU Championship Finals hosted by Gfinity will take place this weekend from 28th February to 1st March at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London. We talked to Chris Tunn, a confirmed caster for the event this weekend about his opinions on the tournament.

Would you like to introduce yourself?

I’m Chris Tunn, I’m an eSports caster for CoD and have been for around 4 years!

Chris Tunn

What or who shocked you the most in the online EU Regional Qualifiers?

To be honest, I wasn’t really shocked at anyone in there. It seems to be the same faces that make up the best players that Europe have to offer, which makes for a nice spectacle as there’s plenty of rivalries. These guys all know each other and it just makes the matchups mean a little more.

Are you surprised by any of the teams that qualified for the Call of Duty EU Championship finals and are there any other teams you think should have made it?

Again, not particularly. It’s nice to see some guys who didn’t make it last year like Vapez, who was a household name not that long ago.

What are your predictions on the UK teams that will qualify for the Global Call of Duty Championship finals?

Well you cant really look past TCM and Epsilon, obviously. Other than that I think Aware and Millenium will just about pip the others to the post but there’s potential for a couple of little upsets.

What are your predictions on the top 4 teams in the Call of Duty EU Championship tournament on Sunday?

Again I can’t look past TCM and Epislon for the top 2 spots. Otherwise, both the fabE teams look pretty stacked and you can never count out any team with Gotaga on. I’m not expecting that many surprises but previous events say otherwise.

Which EU team would you consider an underdog that has the potential to cause an upset at the Call of Duty EU Championships and why?

The Italians like to show up at these sort of things, either one of those guys could make a lot of movement. The Swedes like to cause upsets too, they’re not to be underestimated at all.

Which EU team do you think has the best chance of potentially winning the Global Call of Duty Championship finals and why?

I’d say Epsilon. The calibre of that team is unbelievable, each player individually has the capability to be in a team worthy of being called World Champions. Obviously you can’t count TCM out at all, they’ve shown time and time again they have what it takes, especially after MLG last year.

Epsilon eSports – Source: RedBull

You will be casting the Call of Duty EU Championship finals this weekend, what are your expectations of the event atmosphere and what can the spectators online and at the event expect?

Well I’m hoping a lot of spectators show up as they make events what they are. There’s nothing better than casting a great play and the crowd reacting with you, so I’m hoping the public will make the atmosphere as good as the event deserves. Everyone should expect some tense moments as these guys aren’t going to be taking any risks this weekend, a shot at that $1 Million is on the line and it’s not worth risking the opportunity to have a go at that and obviously for a free trip to LA.

What would you like to say to the teams and spectators attending the Call of Duty EU Championship finals this weekend?

Make lots of noise, I don’t wanna be able to hear myself casting.

What are you most looking forward to this weekend at the Call of Duty EU Championship finals?

Seeing everyone is always great as it’s been a few months since my last event, and I’m looking forward to casting over the best teams Europe has to offer!

Thank you to Chris Tunn for taking his time to provide his thoughts on the Call of Duty Championships, which will take place this weekend!

You may follow Chris on twitter at @_tunn!

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