The CoD EU Championship Finals hosted by Gfinity will take place this weekend from 28th February to 1st March at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London. Major League Gaming’s Matt ‘Mr X’ Morello, a confirmed caster for the event, spoke to us about his opinions on the tournament.

Would you like to introduce yourself?

Matt Morello – My name is Matt Morello otherwise known as Mr X. Formerly a pro player, turned into coach/manager now casting full time for MLG.

Matt ‘Mr X’ Morello

What or who shocked you the most in the online EU Regional Qualifiers?

Matt Morello – I’m not too surprised with everyone who qualified for EU regionals. There are a ton of new names in the EU scene this year so seeing a lot of new faces competing is always awesome.

What are your predictions on the UK teams that will qualify for the Global Call of Duty Championship finals?

Matt Morello – The only two teams I feel really good on getting to the championship finals are TCM and Epsilon, I think every other match is going to be fairly close for qualification.

Being primarily a caster in the American scene, which team in the EU would you consider the biggest threat to the Americans in the Global Call of Duty Championship finals and why?

Matt Morello – The biggest contender to NA teams from the EU would have to be Epsilon. Tommey and Swanny are two great smart players with experience vs NA teams and Madcat brings it in the slaying department always. Josh is the X Factor as its his first champs so all eyes will be on him to perform.

You will be casting the Call of Duty EU Championship finals this weekend, what are your expectations of the event atmosphere and what can the spectators online and at the event expect?

Matt Morello – I love the EU events and fans! Gfinity has always put on an awesome show and never fail to impress so I’m expecting great things out of EU regionals.

Matt ‘Mr X’ Morello

What would you like to say to the teams and spectators attending the Call of Duty EU Championship finals this weekend?

Matt Morello – Id like to say thanks for the love and support! Love meeting the fans and spectators at G2 and G3, excited for this event and the opportunity to come over to cast.

What are you most looking forward to this weekend at the Call of Duty EU Championship finals?

Matt Morello – This weekend I’m most looking forward to a hopeful Epsilon vs TCM final. TCM didn’t look good in Orlando but word is that pros in EU think they’re better then Epsilon and more big game ready so looking forward to both teams being put to the test there.

Thank you to Matt ‘Mr X’ Morello for taking his time to provide his thoughts on the Call of Duty Championships, which will take place this weekend!

You may follow Mr X on twitter at @MattMrX!

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