The CoD EU Championship Finals hosted by Gfinity will take place this weekend from 28th February to 1st March at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London. We talked to Oliver ‘ReL’ Whitfield, a confirmed caster for the event this weekend about his opinions on the tournament.

Would you like to introduce yourself?

Oliver ‘ReL’ Whitfield – Hello everyone! I’m Oliver Whitfield, better known as ReL in the gaming world. I’m an ex-competitive Call of Duty player, ex-Youtuber and have been casting Call of Duty for about 4 years now both on and offline. I’ve attended almost 35 Call of Duty events worldwide and have a big love for the community.

Oliver ‘ReL’ Whitfield

What or who shocked you the most in the online EU Regional Qualifiers?

Oliver ‘ReL’ Whitfield – With talented players now becoming of age to compete at this level, I was most impressed (“shocked”) by individual performances from some of the younger players. MeLoN (infused) really impressed me. Pressure can either make players under perform or over perform and whilst casting over the qualifiers, MeLoN was on absolute fire. Keep an eye out for him this weekend coming!

Are you surprised by any of the teams that qualified for the Call of Duty EU Championship finals and are there any other teams you think should have made it?

Oliver ‘ReL’ Whitfield – The teams that qualified don’t particularly surprise me. I feel that they are the best that Europe has to offer at this stage. However, with that said, I was extremely surprised not to see Vitality Dark advancing. Vitality Dark is a French based team that featured some extreme talent on previous Call of Duty titles. It’s a shame not to see them qualify for the EU Championship but the teams that outplaced them have earned their rightful place fairly.

What are your predictions on the UK teams that will qualify for the Global Call of Duty Championship finals?

Oliver ‘ReL’ WhitfieldEpsilon, TCM, Millennium, Aware

What are your predictions on the top 4 teams in the Call of Duty EU Championship tournament on Sunday?

Oliver ‘ReL’ Whitfield – As above. It may seem like I am being biased with those teams all being UK based, but that has nothing to do with it. I feel that those will be the Top 4 (and in that order). I personally feel that infused are stronger than Aware, but as infused and Milennium must play each other first, only one can advance.

Which EU team would you consider an underdog that has the potential to cause an upset at the Call of Duty EU Championships and why?

Oliver ‘ReL’ Whitfield – I feel that NxG Rapid (ITA) or FAB Games.Allstars (NL) are ones to watch out for. Both line ups feature an incredibly talented list of players from their respected countries who have performed consistently well across multiple Call of Duty titles. Some of the players have also previously competed at the Call of Duty Championships and have experience performing well under pressure.

Which EU team do you think has the best chance of potentially winning the Global Call of Duty Championship finals and why?

Oliver ‘ReL’ Whitfield – Epsilon. They’ve won every EU LAN event on AW to date and the calibre of players in their current line-up is insane. TCM are the closest rivals for the top spot, but Epsilon has the edge.

You will be casting the Call of Duty EU Championship finals this weekend, what are your expectations of the event atmosphere and what can the spectators online and at the event expect?

Oliver ‘ReL’ Whitfield – It will be incredible. I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in the previous Call of Duty EU Championships and the production value and presentation of the event is unmatched. It’s being held at the Royal Opera House and so the atmosphere for the spectators will be fantastic. I’m friends with the team behind the scene and can assure you that the viewer’s back home will be treated to a perfectly run stream. I have high expectations, but they are always surpassed.

Royal Opera House

What would you like to say to the teams and spectators attending the Call of Duty EU Championship finals this weekend?

Oliver ‘ReL’ Whitfield – To the teams; I’d like to wish them the best of luck. It’s a chance for all players to make their mark and gain recognition for all their hard work and efforts doing something they love. My brother has competed at both the previous Call of Duty EU Championships and failed to qualify for LA at the final hurdle. I saw first-hand how disappointing and gut-wrenching it was to go no further. Whether you win or lose, just be proud to get this far and take comfort in the fact you are one of the best Call of Duty players in your country.

To the spectators; prepare yourself! It’s going to be an incredible watch. Europe’s finest will put on a spectacle as you involve yourself in one of the most intense Call of Duty tournaments to date. You’ll see raw passion and emotion as countries duke it out, striving to be the best. Enjoy it!

What are you most looking forward to this weekend at the Call of Duty EU Championship finals?

Oliver ‘ReL’ Whitfield – I love the competitiveness. The huge incentive here makes it so much more fun and exciting to be a part of too and I cannot wait to cast at such a recognised venue. However for me, it’s the same as every other event no matter what the scale… it’s connecting with everyone again that I look forward to the most. It’s rare that anybody has the opportunity to make friends with people across Europe/the world and I have a lot of love for the whole competitive CoD community. I look forward to seeing everybody again!

Thank you to Oliver ‘ReL’ Whitfield for taking his time to provide his thoughts on the Call of Duty Championships, which will take place this weekend!

You may follow ReL on twitter at @Ol_Whit and @ThevPBrothers!