The CoD EU Championship Finals hosted by Gfinity will take place this weekend from 28th February to 1st March at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London. We talked to Philip ‘Momo’ Whitfield, a confirmed caster for the event this weekend about his opinions on the tournament.

Would you like to introduce yourself?

Philip Whitfield – My name is Philip Whitfield, I am 23 years of age and I am professional call of duty caster. I have recently quit my 7 year career as a professional player in the European scene and have chosen to stay within the scene of gaming, kind of like the “Thierry Henry” of CoD.

Philip ‘Momo’ Whitfield

What or who shocked you the most in the online EU Regional Qualifiers?

Philip Whitfield – I have to be honest here I haven’t been shocked at all with the online qualifiers and I believe everyone who deserves to be there is. However I’m sure there may be a few shocks on the day.

Are you surprised by any of the teams that qualified for the Call of Duty EU Championship finals and are there any other teams you think should have made it?

Philip Whitfield – Again, quite a boring answer but no. I think all the teams that are going to London to compete are the correct teams. They are the best of the best and I would like to wish them all the best of luck.

What are your predictions on the UK teams that will qualify for the Global Call of Duty Championship finals?

Philip Whitfield – Has to be Epsilon and TCM without a question however the other games are going to be tough but I’m going to go with Aware Gaming and Millennium.

What are your predictions on the top 4 teams in the Call of Duty EU Championship tournament on Sunday?

Philip Whitfield – Hmmmm a tough question as I believe the UK are the strongest but dependant on how the bracket works I think the best four teams there will be Epsilon, TCM, Millennium and Vitality.

Which EU team would you consider an underdog that has the potential to cause an upset at the Call of Duty EU Championships and why?

Philip Whitfield – I think the Ascentia from France will be a much underrated team and could do damage much like they did back at ESWC 2014.

Which EU team do you think has the best chance of potentially winning the Global Call of Duty Championship finals and why?

Philip Whitfield – I have to say Epsilon. Epsilon in my opinion have individually the best four players in Europe so that for me is an easy question however some people may disagree and say TCM. Swanny is a BEAST!

Epsilon eSports – Source: RedBull

You will be casting the Call of Duty EU Championship finals this weekend, what are your expectations of the event atmosphere and what can the spectators online and at the event expect?

Philip Whitfield – OMG! It is going to be just incredible. Every game has so much riding on it and every single player there is a true professional and has proven the right to be sat in there seat. The production will be on point and not only have they got the best players and teams around Europe they have also chosen the best caster 😉 hah I’m just kidding but I would love to think we can live up to everyone else’s standards.

What would you like to say to the teams and spectators attending the Call of Duty EU Championship finals this weekend?

Philip Whitfield – To the teams and players playing in the tournament. I have been there twice myself and failed both times. Pretend like you are sat at home and playing in your bedroom and do what you have been practicing for the past 5 months. For the fans… ENJOY!!!!

What are you most looking forward to this weekend at the Call of Duty EU Championship finals?

Philip Whitfield – I am just looking forward to the whole thing but the opening games are the best as they have so much riding on them and love to see the cheer excitement and hype in some of the players. However saying that there has to be 12 teams and 48 individuals who will not be progressing to LA which is a shame.

Thank you to Philip ‘Momo’ Whitfield for taking his time to provide his thoughts on the Call of Duty Championships, which will take place this weekend!

You may follow Philip on twitter at @ThevPBrothers!

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