Do you love eSports?

Competitive gaming has brought a massive audience through the medium of professional casts and production crews. Does the teamwork and player skill stand above everything you enjoy about gaming?

Well the real question is: Do you love the Battlefield?

If you do then you’ve probably been a viewer, a player or a member of ESL Battlefield’s ongoing effort to bring the best in competitive gaming on BF4 Battlefield in the most popular game modes like 5v5 Domination, 8v8 Conquest and many fun cups ever since the launch of Battlefield 4 in late 2013.

We’ve seen teams in all game modes get crowned champions of the Battlefield, most notably Fnatic, MeetYourMakers, MhSV and Epsilon in tourney after tourney. This includes the weekly Go4BF4 and their monthly finals with a 100 and 500 euro prize respectively. The 8v8 Seasonal cups where high end AMD Graphics cards were given out to the winners and the BF4 DLC map pack cups centered around the unique experience that each DLC brought to the table. There is also ESLOne where top teams faced in a big LAN event in Cologne, Germany and more. This isn’t stopping anytime soon!

But let’s break out of the action on the scene itself and look at the people that make all of this happen: The ESL Crew of Admins, Media Producers and the Casters.

Throughout these 15 or so months of BF4 we’ve seen ESL admin CrazyBas and now leading the charge Christian “Pyo” Bartusch handling the ESL BF community by keeping tourneys alive and running with as many prizes as possible for the awesome players involved and of course keeping the games clean and weeding out cheaters to maximize player enjoyment and performance!

And with ESL expanding into Oceania, North/South America, South Africa and the Console side on Xbox One more qualified crewmen were brought in such as Gabriel “Winner” Cassel, Nicolas “SealKhorn”, Giuseppe “Reving” and ESL Xbox One admin STF-SPanzer, combining their work with the EU hub to create an awesome Admin team.

Of course let’s not forget the people that make all of this happen on your screens multiple days a week for your entertainment, the casters.

From the NA/SA scene we see BrettFX and André Meligeni in English and Brazillian/Portuguese respectively for most of the region’s ESL cups where they have amassed a huge following as we’ve seen with the viewerships; and across the pond you have MhSV’s Basti bringing the German audience a Panzer-like cast, Neometrixx from PyRogenTV with his coverage for the Francophone audience, Alex “machine” Richardson and Jason Kaplan for ESLTV’s Major League Cup casts and last but not least Ghassan “MiloshTheMedic” Finge and the LevelBF crew-member Lexie casting as many ESL events as possible in English.

It’s been a long and tough year so far, but motivated by the success in bringing you the best in BF e-Sports entertainment, the community aims to carry on together with ESL and the crew in giving it’s all to the benefit of player enjoyment and viewer content.

We’ll see you, as per usual, on the Battlefield.

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Written by “MiloshTheMedic”.
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