After the season kick-off last week, we are ready to jump into the next seasonal cup today at 19:00 CET.

In the first cup of the spring season last week, our last season’s champion Fnatic came out on top. After the long winter break they are still on top of their game and show no sign of slowing down. It looks like Fnatic will once again be the team to beat this season. Did the other teams catch up during the last week to challenge Fnatic? We’ll find out today at 19:00 CET live on ESLTV

Prize money & Points
All teams can gather points as well as prize money during the five Seasonal Cups. The Top12 teams from the Seasonal Ranking with the most points after the five Cups will advance to the Group stage and get the chance to qualify for the Global Finals. The points and prize money distribution during the Cups are as follows:

  • #1: 75 points + 500 Euro
  • #2: 50 points + 300 Euro
  • #3-4: 25 points + 100 Euro
  • #5-8: 10 points
  • #9-16: 5 points

In order to take part in the ESL One, your team needs to be a member of the BF4 Major Ladder. Signing up for the cup does not guarantee a spot: Only the best four teams from the Major Ladder will be able to compete – a spot may open up if any core team decides not to participate in the cup.

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