We have seen this coming for a while now, but we are glad to hear that ECG have announced their first of many paid online tournaments (similar to Gfinity Call of Duty). Advertised on the tournament has seen a massive amount of popularity with over 20 teams signing up within the first week for a shot at a £100 first prize. It is also rumoured that prizes will be significantly boosted depending on the amount of rosters that participate in each tournament.

Gears of War was once one of the biggest eSports worldwide with a huge amount of offline LAN events being held such as EGL8. It was obvious that Gears of War really hosted a platform for competitive console gamers. Professional Call of Duty player Optic Nadeshot is now one of the most recognised faces in eSports and hailed from the Gears of War franchise. Now sponsored by Redbull he competes at the highest possible gaming level and receives a six figure salary for his troubles.

This tournament will be held on Sunday the 1st of March and will begin at 12:00 GMT, however the start time is subject to change. It is also rumoured that the first Gears of War 3 LAN event of 2015 will be held in Dublin.

For more information follow @EUCompGears on twitter and check out the bracket here.

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Will Gears of War return as an eSport?
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