Today, Team Infused announced their new Counter-Strike Global Offensive squad for 2015. After returning from the last iSeries event, Team Infused decided that more changes would be needed after assessing the teams current situation. Team Infused have now rebuilt their CS:GO roster, hoping to create a stable line up that can compete at the top of Europe.

The Team Infused CS:GO 2015 Roster:

James Littlewood

Kosta Theodoropolous

George Hoskins

Henry Greer

Joey Steusel

The first event that the roster will compete in under the Team Infused organisation is Epic.LAN which will take place next weekend in the town of Kettering in the local conference centre. The team hopes to then attend the Insomnia festival in spring and with Team Infused currently being the reigning champions, they are wanting to defend their crown.

The Team Infused manager said the following about the new roster:

“In 2014 Infused had a strong year in the UK with CSGO, which is currently one of the biggest games in eSports, and with that in mind we are pleased to announce our finalised roster for 2015, with the intentions of competing at all Major UK events and then moving forward in to Europe.

The line-up has been put together over the last 2 months with clear goals, the players know what we are hoping to achieve and are committed to putting the practice in to surpass their personal targets and the goals of the organisation, with the experience of the squad, we feel with our support they will be able to progress to a level where they will compete with Europe’s finest.”

Source: Team Infused

Read the full announcement on the Team Infused website here.