It is time to say our goodbyes to one of Europe’s most prestigious eSports organisations. Total E Circuit otherwise known as TEC are closing their doors after a huge stint in European eSports. Managing countless amount of impressive placements TEC announced they would be closing their doors at 7:30pm on the 9th Feburary 2015.

Every Roster that was apart of TEC will be released and forced to find a new home for the up and coming events of 2015.

TEC Call of Duty recently booked their place in the 2015 Call of Duty Regional Qualifiers and will play for a place at the World Championships. Unfortunately for them they will not be playing under the Total E Circuit name.

Chris Craddock ‘Founder and Owner’ of TotalECircuit had this to say;

    Hey to you all and my final goodbye #EndOfAnEra

    Making this announcement is a sad time for me, but it has been playing on my mind for a number of months and taken a while for me to finally decide my future within eSports and with @TotaleCircuit (TEC).

    As from today 09/02/2015 TEC will be closed for business, along with TEC, I announce my departure from the eSports scene.

    This has not been an easy decision but it is one I believe to be best for me personally. I have been concerned for the scene itself and TEC’s role within the scene for some time. TEC has been around since July 2011 and we have had some fantastic years as an org and amazing support from you all.

    I am looking to move forward with my life and I don’t see TEC or eSports as part of my future anymore. TEC has grown to be a well-respected org over the years. I can always be proud of myself and everyone who has ever been under TEC and what we have achieved. TEC was never a high funded org, yet I believe we did extremely well with the resources we had, so I would like to thank everyone who has had TEC within their name and to all those people that have supported us over the years (Love you all).

    The main reason for me leaving the scene and closing down TEC is family and looking to focus on my family life. The second reason is the Community. Although I have made many friends within the community I also feel very let down by it in general. More and more it seems to be moving backwards and I no longer have the time, patience and energy to deal with the lack of respect and unprofessionalism, not to mention being stabbed in back within the industry several times. I believe the scene and this industry has a long way to go before it will start moving forward again. It’s not just the community that has to make these steps but the company’s at the head of the scene. They have a long way to go to improve before the scene can grow and gain worldwide respect.

    TEC as a Brand will be available to purchase, incorporating; Twitter, FB and YouTube. Please don’t waste my time, I will only listen to sensible offers. If you are genuinely interested please DM me.

    Once again thank you to everyone who has supported me and TEC over the years.
    I wish you all the best for the future, I have made some fantastic friends and will never forget those that supported me.

    If you can please retweet this post it would be much appreciated and for the last time #TECNation #Out

    My Final Farewell
    Chris Former TECChris. Changing @ in a few days.

    We wish all the staff at TEC the best of luck with their future plans and hope they remain in eSports. Losing such a great organisation is a huge loss to the European scene.

    Please give us your opinions on the closing of TEC in the comments.