Week 8 is over and not much change has happened in the standings and fate’s of the teams are becoming certain, as doom awaits for MYM and Giants, but they still have a chance as Elements and ROCCAT are tied 7th with only 2 more wins than the bottom 2.

Standings as of Week 8:

8 weeks in and SK Gaming are still on top. They finished off week 8 2-0 bringing their record to 13-3, which sees them secure their spot for the promotion tournament. They managed a sloppy win on Day 1 vs MYM of whom made bad decisions which lead to them losing 2 barons and the game.

SK were behind early game, then MYM started to make bad decisions and threw something which could have been a big win and boost in confidence for them. In day 2 vs Copenhagen Wolves, SK showed an impressive performance, it looked like a straight forward win for SK. You can see how comfortable they are at the moment, trying new compositions and champions as well as trying to perfect their team synergy.

Unicorns of Love went 2-0 this week which is a really big step in chasing the top spots. They needed Copenhagen Wolves to go 0-2 and they did, with a helping hand from SK and themselves, they are starting to show some form of solidity as a team. From this they jumped up a spot and sent CW down to 6th. Unicorns are tied with Gambit at the moment and both teams look certain to be in playoffs.

Day 1 vs CW, UOL looked great and worked together perfectly with the Nunu composition they pulled out, they secured the win around 30 minutes and with no struggle. Day 2 they pulled off an upset vs 2nd place Fnatic even with being behind, UOL managed to end with a scrappy fight which left Fnatic stunned and wondering what more they could have done to win that game.

Not much movement in the standings at the end of Week 8, it seems that Elements and ROCCAT are really fighting for their spot in the LCS, as Giants and MYM could still pull it out of the bag if both Elements and ROCCAT lose in the coming weeks.

What are your predictions of what the table will look like at the split? Be sure to leave your input/feedback below!