Starting off strong we saw the return of a more confident H2K during match one against the Unicorns Of Love (UOL). Despite a rather shaky start to the week for H2K leading to a few questions asked about their stability on patch 5.5 especially after the rather devastating loss they suffered against Fnatic on Day 1, H2K proved that they have the strength to push through and not let their losses hold them back as they commanded a dominant victory over UOL.

The Unicorns Of Love who’ve proved that they’re no pushovers unfortunately seemed to be out of their element. Despite their interesting choice of picking Yorick into Odoamne’s Sion, they hardly utilized the champion’s potential; choosing not to counter the lane swap and sending Vardag’s Graves to the top lane versus Sion instead of settling for the more standard setup proved to be a bad choice as Vardag fell behind due to a few unfortunate errors during the laning phase, giving up first blood and allowing H2K’s Hjaman to pull ahead in farm on his Sivir, building up an early gold lead for H2K which they ran away with, winning in the vision war and making picks thanks to the combined power of Ryu’s LeBlanc and loulex’s Nidalee, forcing UOL to constantly play on the defensive, something which paved the way for H2K to take home an extremely decisive victory with a final score of 19-6 in favor of H2K.

The second match of the day saw Meet Your Makers (MYM)’s Kori making a few well selected picks with his Ahri on Team Roccat and paving the way to victory.

The first few minutes of the game passed without too much incident, both teams trading objectives and staying even, securing a Dragon apiece. However the beginning of Roccat’s downfall began at the 16 minute mark when they made a move onto what would have been their second Dragon buff. With vision control they felt relatively safe however, MYM’s Kori flanking from the bot lane, taking advantage of Roccat’s focus on the objective, quickly took out Jankos’s Nidalee thereby taking out Roccat’s main means of securing dragon. MYM capitalizing on this move not only secured the Dragon but came out 3 kills richer putting them in a rather sizable lead.

MYM putting the second Dragon buff’s additional damage to towers to full effect along with MrRallez’s Corki’s power spike with the Trinity Force made short work of the outer turrets, gaining further control around the objectives allowing them to take away more and more from Roccat, forcing them on the back foot and essentially gaining control of Roccat’s own jungle.

MYM patiently whittled Roccat down systematically, securing every single Dragon buff all the way to the 5th, picking up the Baron buff as well before they finally broke down Roccat’s inhibitor turrets before finally ending the game 40 minutes in with a score of 12-2 in their favor and forcing Roccat to their unfortunate position in the Promotional Tournament.

The third match of the day was hands down the most intense of the day. Gambit Gaming proved that they were not going to roll over no matter how far behind they were behind and gave SK Gaming a run for their money and making what should have been an easy win for SK, a rather hard earned one.

Gambit Gaming refused to give in as they kept themselves in the game, never giving out too many kills and keeping the score fairly with P1noy even catching up to FORGIVENGRE’s early lead on his Caitlyn. However they were unable to stop SK from securing yet another dragon buff putting them dangerously close to their 5th. The true turning point happened when SK Fox secured a triple kill on his Katarina in a seemingly disadvantaged fight in their jungle with SK Svenskeren’s Lee Sin getting caught out allowing them to pull ahead in kills, finally showing a noticeable lead.

But Gambit came back swinging as they denied SK’s 5th Dragon buff with a well aimed pick at Fox’s Katarina and secured their first Dragon buff, closing in on the lead SK had built up.

However they were unable to keep standing up to SK’s continuous onslaught as they eventually gave way, allowing SK to finally get their hands on their 5th Dragon buff which they used to put the final nail in Gambit’s coffin as they closed the game out 42 minutes in with a final score of 17-29 in favor of SK and keeping them comfortable on their spot in the first place.

The 4th Match between Fnatic and Elementz  saw Fnatic slowly gaining the upper hand continuously. With their rather heavy cc thanks to Reignover’s Rek’sai and Huni’s Cho’gath, the void duo proved to be a force to be reckoned with as they constantly locked up targets for Febiven’s LeBlanc and Steelback’s Lucian to dispatch of safely.

Victory was quite assured as they secured every single dragon, ending up with them even knocking down Elementz’s bottom inhibitor making them play extremely defensively and give up even more control over objectives resulting in Fnatic picking up the Baron buff and allowing them to breeze their way into victory down the middle lane, ending the game 32 minutes in and denying Elementz of their spot in the playoffs of the Spring Split with a final score of 14-3 in favor of Fnatic.

What would’ve been the final match of the day had it not been for the imminent tie breaker coming up saw the Copenhagen Wolves; the underdogs, facing off against Giants Gaming and holding the fate of the Giants in their hands as they would be determining whether or not the Giants would be facing auto relegation or not.

With standard lanes all around the game was relatively slow. Despite the Giants securing two rather early dragons from right underneath CW Airwak’s Nunu’s nose the wolves held on with Soren putting his Ahri to good use as he led the charge gaining a lead over GIA PeppiiNeRO’s Diana in terms of kills, keeping the global gold relatively even by the 20th minute mark of the game.

However the Giants finally managed to pull themselves ahead thanks to an excellent teleport engage by GIA Werlyb’s Hecarim who used the combined movement speed bonus of the homeguard enchantment and Devastating Charge to burst down CW Soren’s Ahri turning the fight quickly in the Giant’s favor and securing themselves the third Dragon buff of the game.

From then on the Giants played a controlled game, using the combined force of Hecarim’s Onslaught of Shadows and Sejuani’s Glacial Prison to great effect, punishing the wolves for remaining as a pack and scattering their forces, securing the 5th Dragon buff of the game.

Despite this the Wolves fought back. With a few excellent picks they managed to stall the Giant’s onslaught, even managing to knock down their middle inhibitor. However the Giants were not deterred as they patiently waited for the next round of their 5th Dragon buff and finally won a clean teamfight against the Wolves, using it to push for the win and thus gain a chance to get into the playoffs with the upcoming tiebreaker with a final score of 11-18 in their favor.

The final tiebreaker took place between Meet Your Makers and Giants Gaming with both teams fighting to get into the promotion tournament. A loss meaning that the team is out of the championship series meant that these two teams were going to have to give it their all.

Both teams fought extremely hard. MYM’s Kori showing just how comfortable he is on his Cassiopeia as he secured an early lead against GIA PePiiNeRO’s Ahri.

MYM’s victory felt like it was secured as they continued to whittle down the Giants, securing the second Dragon buff of the game and pushing ahead in gold. However they made the mistake of getting caught out with less than a minute to spare on the next Dragon buff with HORO and Jwaow in the top lane trying to take down GIA Werlyb’s Hecarim which proved fatal as the Giants forced an engage onto the remaining 3 members of MYM and coming out a kill ahead which allowed them to secure the Dragon buff, closing out the lead MYM had built up.

Neither side willing to back down fought ferociously. Any upper hand the Giants got was countered by MYM but something had to give and it turned out to be MYM as the Giants finally managed to seperate MYM with GIA Fr3deric’s Vi’s Assault and Battery along with Hecarim’s Onslaught of Shadows, isolating MYM MrRalleZ’s Graves all the way in the back line, allowing them to finally push for the win thanks to the 60 second death timers, earning a hard won victory, ending the game 13-15 in favor to the Giants after 45 long minutes and ensuring they wouldn’t go home in disappointment.