Today, after alot of interest from the community, details where released about the first competitive LAN event for Gears of War in a long time. However the event will only take place if enough teams participate.

“So there seems to be a bit of interest so I’ve gone ahead and called up the place it self. I’ve got the price for the venue and I can lock the dates in as soon as we have enough teams that have paid.”

The event will work similar to the last dubLAN. Teams will pay via Paypal for an entry ticket.

The event would take place on 25th and 26th of April.

All teams need to have paid by the 1st week in April to confirm who is going. Teams will be refunded if the event is cancelled.

Tickets will cost €60 per player, in which will be used to cover event fees and the rest will go towards the prize pool.

To view more details click here.