This past week Gfinity have hosted 4 online tournaments for the community to compete in. This article will run you through the Top 4 placements in each tournament and the prize breakdown for each team.

The first tournament was on Tuesday night which was the Gfinity 4v4 SnD, which is free-2-play every Tuesday. Only the top 2 teams receive a cash prize. There were a couple unknown teams in the Semi-Finals but after tournament play had finished the formidable force of Epsilon eSports stood among the top of the pile to take yet another Gfinity tournament win. The Top 4 stood as follows:

1st: Epsilon – Josh, Swanny, Tommey, Madcat – £175

2nd: Millenium – Melo, Krnage, Carbon, Gotaga – £75

3rd/4th: @TKO_Stanciv – Substanciv, S7ONY, iExiLenT, AriZoneKyuubi

3rd/4th: Respawn=Weakness – eX Fatalityy, ImExodiah, Leedsyy, Infxmous v

The next day we saw the first of the 3 4v4 Variant Tournaments which are only available to players who own a Gfinity membership so the prize pool is larger and is also awarded to top 4 appose to just the top 2. You will generally see more top teams in the mix in these tournaments compared to the SnD only tournaments. The top 4 was stacked full of pro teams and was highly contested for that 1st spot. After the announcement of the Infused squad early this week it seems that they are a force to be reckoned with as they took home the 1st prize.

1st: Infused – MarkyB, DominateJB, Reedy, Jake – £400

2nd: TCM – Moose, Gunshy, Shane, Jurd – £200

3rd/4th: Epsilon – Josh, Swanny, Tommey, Madcat – £50

3rd/4th: Millenium – Melo, Krnage, Carbon, Gotaga – £50

After a day break, the Gfinity Tournaments were back on Friday for another 4v4 Variant. With TCM leaving for America on this day they would be absent from the Gfinity tournaments for a while and also the likes of Infused and Millenium would also be absent as they were competing at EGO this past weekend for a spot at ESWC. The Top 4 places had a couple top AM teams amongst it but it was the force of Epsilon that once again took another Gfinity tournament for the 2nd time this week, although this will be their last Gfinity tournament until after the Call of Duty World Championships as Epsilon will be heading out out to America early to practice.

1st: Epsilon – Josh, Swanny, Tommey, Madcat – £400

2nd: Jackoooo – Aware Joee, Aware Watson, Millenium Rated, Orbit Jacko – £200

3rd/4th: Let me win – Rift Chris, Yellow Beanbag, Enclapsed, Barrage Reach – £50

3rd/4th: Procast Gaming – Proc Fortune, Proc MxgixZ, Proc Rampage, Proc Twozzay – £50

The final tournament of the week was on Sunday which was the final 4v4 variant tournament. There weren’t many top teams playing as many were travelling or were missing players, so the top AM teams rose to the opportunity to take 1st place and win themselves some money in the process. The eventual winner after a thrilling 3-2 series was the newly formed AM squad of exceL eSports who are looking strong online at the moment.

1st: exceL eSports – xL Lewiss, xL Seany, xL Cosmic, xL Zer0 – £400

2nd: Hex & co. – EP Hex, EP Curious, MM TRob, MM TAnt – £200

3rd/4th: Ascentia – Asc ZylewR, Asc Vortex, Asc Malls – £50

3rd/4th: Varsity – Breakout Copley, Varisty Zed, Dqvee, Varsity Zee – £50

Make sure you keep up to date with all the Gfinity online Call of Duty tournaments by checking out the round-up every Monday.