Today Team Infused announced their official Call of Duty squad for 2015 which will first compete at the EGO ESWC Qualifier this weekend and then at the GFINITY COD Open in April.

The team have welcomed Mark “MarkyB” Bryceland to the organisation who has never represented Team Infused previously. Jake “Jake” Dalton has also made a return to the organisation.

Infused CoD
Jake “Jake” Dalton
Mark “MarkyB” Bryceland
Jordan “Reedy” Reed
James “Dominate” Batz

MarkyB said the following about joining Infused CoD:
“I’m glad to have found a new home with Infused after my time at Millenium. After the disappointment at the Call of Duty: Championship Regional qualifiers, I was left in a position where I didn’t know what to do. After recollecting myself, I decided I wanted to create a squad that has the ability to not only be there at the end of tournaments, but that is capable of winning them. This led to my decision to team with Reedy, Dominate and Jake who have the desire to be the best and achieve success, we are all excited to be playing under the infused banner, where we hope to bring glory back to the organisation in Call of Duty. Massive thanks to infused, Andy, my team and all of the sponsors (AOC, ASTRO, SCUF, MSI, TESORO & INWIN) for the support and allowing us to attend events and do what we do best.”
Source: Team Infused

The Team Infused management said:
“After the issues we faced at the EU Regionals for CoD Championships, it put a lot of strain on the previous line-up and as a result changes were always going to be made post CoD Championships. When the new line-up approached us, it was a tough decision, but as an organisation we spoke to Qwiker/MeLoN who were understanding of the situation and supported our decision to make the changes. However, we are pleased to announce Qwiker and MeLoN will still be part of Infused for CoD Championships and they are hoping to represent Infused at the GFINITY Open, as they look to finalise their roster.”
Source: Team Infused

To read the official announcement visit the Team Infused website here.