TCM-Gaming (TCM) is a professional gaming team and marketing/media company that are considered one of the leading eSports organisations within the UK. Today we talked to TCM Director, Jim Maguire about his career within the eSports industry and TCM.

Would you like to introduce yourself to those who do not know you?

Jim Maguire – Hi, my name is Jim Maguire. I am the co-owner of TCM-Gaming.

When did you first get involved in eSports?

Jim Maguire – I have been playing games online since the days of Dial Up but got involved in the competitive scene way back in the days of Team Fortress Classic.

Jim Maguire

How much has the eSports scene developed since you started?

Jim Maguire – Back in the day, Esports was mainly focused around online leagues, the concept of offline events had not really been developed. Slowly but surely events started to be announced but only on a small scale.

Esports in the last five years has really started to take off, helped along with the introduction of streaming. Starting with companies such as QuadV developing into what we have now with companies like Twitch.

Esports is fast becoming recognised as a source of main stream entertainment and attracting interest from companies outside of the norm who are willing to invest in its future, so moving forward it’s an exciting time for people involved in Esports

Game developers have also played a huge part in the development of Esports making games more attractive to watch and play.

How did you get involved with TCM Gaming becoming a co-director and how has your role developed since you first started?

Jim Maguire – Originally I was a player in a team picked up by Team Coolermaster. I swapped my role as player for a position on the management team. We rebranded Team Coolermaster in 2010 to what is now TCM-Gaming, which myself and Craig bought the company outright in 2011 and the rest is history.

How much commitment does your position in TCM Gaming require?

Jim Maguire – The business takes up a lot of my time, our style of management is very hands on. The work involved in dealing with players, sponsors, finance and events is time consuming. Having two Directors makes life a lot easier, both of us working on the day to day running and also working independently gives us a lot of flexibility.

What has been the best and the worst moment in your gaming career within TCM Gaming?

Jim Maguire – We have had lots of high points over the years but I guess one of my personal favourites was our third place at Anaheim, just the shear excitement of the whole event.

I guess my personal low point was when our old League of Legends team were 1-0 ahead in the qualifier for LCS, they were ahead in the second map and were in a dominant position to win the second. Lack of focus by some of the players or maybe over confidence saw the other team come back and win the two maps required to qualify.

What advice would you give to any aspiring managers within eSports that wish to develop a successful organisation?

Jim Maguire – Be straight with your players, they may not always like it but in the end they will appreciate your honesty.

Be honest with yourself don’t over commit to something you can’t do.

Have a sound business plan and stick to it.

What are your hobbies outside of gaming?

Jim Maguire – Full time parent!!! That’s a full time job in itself.

Do you have any shout outs?

Jim Maguire – For sure, a shout out to Craig my Co Director, a good friend and hell of a snooker player!

To our long standing players who work with us to achieve our goals and to our amazing partners BenQ, Scuff, GTOmega, Twitch and Online Key Store. All amazing companies to work with who support our long term goals.

Make sure you follow Jim on twitter: @TCMXman

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