Today Squad Obliteration was released with the newest Patch for Battlefield 4! We have waited a long time and there was a lot of testing in the CTE Platform of Battlefield of this mode. Now everyone is finally able to play and test this new competitive mode for 5on5.

Test Cups for Europe:
Best of One – Double Elimination ► 09 March 20:00 CET TestCup #1
Best of Three – Single Elimination ► 11 March 20:00 CET TestCup #2

Test Cups for America:
Best of One – Double Elimination ► 09 March 19:00 EST TestCup #1
Best of One – Double Elimination ► 16 March 19:00 EST TestCup #2

Test Cups for Ocenia:
Coming soon, stay tuned for updates.

So there are a lot of Cups for you next week with different settings and in different regions. You may submit any sort of Feedback on the ESL Forums in the Feedback Thread for Squad Obliteration.

Major Ladder and Open Ladder5on5 Squad Obliteration Open Ladder

The Season of the ESL Major Ladder ended last Saturday, for now it will be on hold and ESL will not start a new season until they have a fixed ruleset for Obliteration since they want to use this new mode in the Major Ladder from now on.

However ESL have updated their Open Ladder, so you can start playing the new mode already today in the meantime.

Check ESL page for Rules, Settings, Server CFG’s and more!

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