Recently it was announced that the TCM Gaming Call of Duty team would be competing in the MLG CoD: AW Pro League for Season 2. This will be the first EU team travelling over to the United States to compete in the MLG Pro League. It has been confirmed that the team will live together in a team house located in Philadelphia.

TCM Gaming Roster:
TCM GunShy
TCM Jurd
TCM Moose

TCM Gaming will be looking for 2 ‘substitute’ players to compete at the MLG pro league, it has be confirmed that the team wish to stay EU based therefore are on the search for 2 European substitute players. TCM gaming Director, Jim Maguire said that the team will possibly be looking at welcoming 2 players from the Aware lineup.

The team will miss the first week of the MLG pro league season 2 and will be traveling out to the United States in the next 1-2 weeks.

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For more information on TCM Gaming visit their website here.

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