If you’ve joined the League of Legends after April 2014, no matter what rank, level or champion you main, chances are you have heard of the beloved ‘U.R.F’ (Ultra Rapid Fire) mode which made it’s debut as an elaborate April fool’s gag by Riot Games and has since been missed sorely by the player base.

For those who never had the chance to experience this mode, here is a link to what U.R.F mode is in a nutshell;




  • Abilities cost zero for mana and energy
  • Cooldown Reduction set at a flat 80% for all abilities, summoner spells and activated items
  • Attack speed doubled for ranged champions
  • +60 Movement speed for all champions
  • +25 Tenacity for all champions
  • +25% critical strike damage for all champions
  • x5 gold income for all champions

These features made for extremely fun game play which was a refreshing break from the monotony that we all still know and love as League of Legends. Despite overwhelming protest however, the U.R.F mode fulfilled its intended purpose; as a featured game mode and departed after a week, breaking a lot of hearts within the community.

It seemed like the cries to bring back U.R.F were falling to deaf ears but, as Riot Games reveals, the U.R.F mode does have a future!

Enter…N.U.R.F! (NEW Ultra Rapid Fire)

This is not the same old U.R.F as the title so happily points out. No. While the old U.R.F simply improved the already fast paced action in League of Legends turning it into a high speed brawl across the Summoner’s Rift, N.U.R.F looks to go in a completely opposite direction;

  • +100% mana and energy cost on all abilities
  • +200% cooldown inflation on abilities, activated items and summoner spells
  • +225 movement speed reduction
  • +200% delay between basic attacks
  • Critical strikes deal 50% of base attack damage
  • Units critically strike on 150% of attacks

While the U.R.F was a test of who had the fastest reflexes, N.U.R.F seems to be a test of who is the more brilliant strategic mastermind. No matter what the case is, we’re all looking forward to what kind of a new, crazy meta could arise just for this game mode.

What champion or strategy will you come up with? I myself am gearing up towards rushing a Sunfire Cape and a Thornmail on my Rammus. Share your thoughts below!