It’s finally time for the Quarter-finals with H2K squaring off versus the Copenhagen Wolves while Gambit Gaming would take on the Unicorns of Love, all four teams fighting for their spot into the Semifinals in a winner takes all best of 5.

The 4th of April had the first match of the Quarterfinals; H2K versus the Copenhagen Wolves. With the fate of their LCS lives on the line it meant that both teams wouldn’t be holding anything back. And they did not disappoint as both teams took to the Summoner’s Rift with renewed zeal.

However every game has to have a winner and in this case, H2K walked away with a clean 3-0 victory in the best of five. Both Hjaman and Ryu and proved instrumental in these three games, Ryu showing his dominance in the mid lane and performing exceptionally well in all three games consistently with his Ahri, Diana and Zed respectively. Hjaman gave a solid performance as well, especially in game number 2 on his Kog’maw, using the late game power spike exceptionally well to carry his team to victory.

The Copenhagen Wolves put up a good fight, however they fell prey to H2K’s strong mid-late game, unable to set up a sizable enough lead early on to use it to their advantage. They faced a disappointing loss in game 2 where despite them working together and annihilating H2K in the early game thanks to the combined pressure of Youngbuck’s Hecarim and Airwak’s Rek’sai, leading in gold and dragon buffs they were unable to keep the momentum up as they finally gave way, crumbling under H2K’s late game power spike.

The 5th of April had fan favorites, the Unicorns of Love, face off against Gambit Gaming for their spot in the semi-finals.

Despite the Unicorns being the fan favorites, Gambit Gaming were still favored to win. However in a surprising turn of events, the Unicorns surprised everyone by showing a dominance they’d rarely ever displayed before.

Gambit Gaming started off with a strong showing in game 1 where they systematically took everything away from the Unicorns, ending the game at a final sore of 21-4 in their favor.

It seemed like the Unicorns were truly out of their element but no one expected them to come back swinging with such a ferocity. A number of things they did worked extremely well, namely their priority pick on Morgana, content to give up two priortiy picks over to Gambit just to put Hylissang in control of the fallen angel. This decision paid off in dividends as he was on point with his bindings with a near perfect accuracy.

The second thing that pushed the Unicorns onward was their willingness to pick champions that rarely if not ever are seen in the LCS, opting for the more ‘Solo-queue’ picks like Udyr and Shaco for Kikis in the jungle and PowerOfEvil showing off the power of his AP Kog’maw in thie mid lane.

These picks caught Gambit off guard, causing them to make more mistakes than they would usually. Mistakes that the Unicorns capitalized on to the greatest effect, allowing them to not only recover from their disappointing loss in game 1, but achieve clean, consecutive victories on their next three games  versus Gambit, securing their place as one of the top 4 teams of the EU LCS and advancing on to the semi-finals of the Spring split.

Stay tuned for the semi-finals which will take place on the 11th and 12th of April respectively where H2K will be facing Fnatic while the Unicorns of Love will face off against SK Gaming!