It’s time for the semi-finals of the spring split with Fnatic going head to head versus H2K and SK Gaming versus the Unicorns of Love in order to determine which of the four teams would be moving onto the finals taking place on the 19th.

The 11th had Fnatic squaring off against H2K in what can be only described as neck and neck race to the finish. It seems like this split has seen a lot more innovation in the rift as Fnatic brought out a surprising Lee Sin top with Smite/Teleport.

However it seemed to backfire on them as H2K played perfectly around it, preventing the early game invades and predicting Fnatic’s moves of aggression. H2K’s bottom lane proved especially successful in countering Fnatic’s attempts at ganking with kaSing picking up a number of early kills on his Annie thanks to Fnatic’s over aggression. With Fnatic failing on trying to build their lead early on they fell prey to H2K’s late game spike with Ryu proving to be especially deadly on his Diana, game one was almost handed over in a sense to H2K.

Fnatic still believed in sticking with their top lane Lee Sin strategy as they brought it out again in game 2 despite it failing in the last game. However this time with Reignover on his Nunu, it proved to be a bit too much jungle pressure for H2K to work around. Both Febiven on his Leblanc and Steelback on his Lucian used this added pressure on the H2K laners to great effect as they picked up a number of kills apiece, digging H2K further in their hole that they’d been pushed down on early on, allowing them to breeze through teamfights with apparent ease and walk away with a victory.

From then on it was just a question of which team would make more mistakes and both team’s seemed to be tied in their mistakes in decision making.

Fnatic seemed to be stubborn with their mentality of ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ as they brought out pretty much the exact same comp they used previously while H2K seemed to backtrack and reassess their strategy. Despite Fnatic securing early objectives, they failed to keep up with H2K who seemed to be picking and choosing their fights wisely. With them using their much superior teamfighting comp with two extremely tanky frontlines thanks to Sion and Gragas, they capitalized on their late game power spike with Ryu making well aimed picks on Fnatic’s carries on his Ahri and Hjaman just shredding Fnatic’s team down on his Sivir in relatively safety behind tanks, H2K walked away with the victory.

Game 4 finally saw Fnatic changing their strategy as they opted for the more ‘traditional’ picks. It seemed putting Febiven on an assassin while they picked a more all rounded team comp was the way to go instead of going for their more ‘niche’ approach of concentrating on the early game before. Febiven’s Zed proved especially successful in shutting down Ryu’s Diana. H2K seemed to be out of their element here as almost every move they made was countered by Fnatic, systematically denying any way for H2K to get back in the game.

It’s easy to see that the moment Fnatic moved away from their earlier strategy, they were all the more better for it. Game five saw Fnatic showing their dominance once again. Reignover getting off more than a few good ganks on his Rek’sai and Febiven picking up a number of kills on his Cho’gath meant H2K had little room to move around as Fnatic once again dictated to the game all the way till the end, finally securing a convincing victory over H2K and securing their spot into the finals.

The 12th saw the return of fan favorites; the Unicorns of Love as they look to secure their spot in the finals as they battle it out in the rift versus SK Gaming.

Hylissang has already proven just how potent he is on his Morgana, especially during the quarter finals when he proved instrumental in dominating enemy bot lanes. This time was no different as Game 1 had him yet again on point with his Dark Bindings allowing Vardags’s Jinx to have a comfortable laning phase. PowerOfEvil returning to his AP Kog’maw in the mid lane also proved to be instrumental as well, dealing large amounts of damage from the backline allowing the Unicorns to earn their victory.

SK Gaming taking away Morgana from Hylisssang for game 2 was only one step in their comeback. The Unicorns seemed to be comfortable enough to bring out a top lane Shyvana equipped with Smite, but it seemed without Morgana in their team, the Unicorns were not in their element as SK Gaming simply ran them to the ground. SK’s Fox on his Zed managed to grab an early lead over PowerOfEvil’s Leblanc while Svenskeren used Lee Sin’s largely unmatched early game power to catch a few Unicorns unawares allowing SK Gaming to walk away with a decisive victory.

By now its apparent that if the Unicorns got their hands on Morgana, it spells good fortune for their games. With Hylissang back on his favorite fallen angel and Kikis returning to Udyr in the jungle, a champion that proved succesful during the quarter finals, it should be no surprise that the Unicorns managed to completely decimate SK Gaming, not giving up a single kill over to SK.

Game four saw SK deciding to ban out Morgana. That and Svenskeren’s Lee Sin’s dominance over Kikis’s Udyr and Fox managing to secure a lead on his Orianna found SK coming back swinging from their disappointing loss in game three. SK Gaming controlled the game completely, securing every single dragon buff in the game allowing them to secure the win against the Unicorns.

Game five showed why the Unicorns are still the fan favorites. They’ve proven before that they’re not afraid to bring champions that are completely out of norm in the LSC. It seemed they’d been saving the best for last as Kikis brought out Gnar for the jungle, something that is rarely seen even in the solo queue. However for a while this seemed to backfire on them as Kikis was unable to make a significant impact on the game. The Unicorns did not even get their hands on Morgana so it seemed like the odds were stacked against them, especially with SK Gaming securing a dragon lead over them using the double smite on their team to full effect.

However in a surprising twist, SK Gaming made one key mistake in trying to take away a baron. Despite them having the number advantage they tried to initiate the baron buff without respecting Vizcsazi’s Maokai who had teleport, allowing him to re-enter the fight and initiate on the already weakened members of SK Gaming, completely closing out the lead they had built up and re-taking control of the game.

SK Gaming had lost their momentum from that point on. With the Unicorns having the better late game comp what with their deadly combination of Maokai and Orianna along with Caitlyn’s shredding from the backlines, the final teamfight saw SK’s members being completely wiped out as they tried to secure what would’ve been their fifth and final dragon buff of the game with PowerOfEvil completely destroying Fox’s Zed right at the start of the fight. The rest of SK simply fell one by one to the Unicorns, allowing them to finally walk down the mid lane and take their hard earned victory.

Tune in for the finals which takes place on the 19th where the Unicorns of Love will be facing off versus Fnatic on the 19th while SK Gaming will battle it out versus H2K for third place!