Remember the announcement about N.U.R.F? The new Ultra Rapid Fire mode? It seems in spirit of April Fool’s day we were all subjected to a prank by the Riot Games. A very welcome prank to be honest!

We realized something was amiss when Riot posted this on their website;


Apparently there had been a major setback during the celebration of a successful upload of N.U.R.F onto the live servers. An energy drink had been upended over the upload terminal and due to the ensuing fire, ALL copies of N.U.R.F have been destroyed and the uploaded version has been transformed into something new.

Something…that has been boosted with an energy drink.

It has been…energized?!

No. It cannot be. It…it’s magnificient!


Stare in awe at his glory!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the slow paced action that N.U.R.F promised is all but gone! Prepare to return to the crazy adrenaline fueled frenzy that is Ultra Rapid Fire mode! Forget all the strategies you’ve been coming up with to combat in a slow slugfest in the summoner’s rift. Break out last year’s notes (you know you have them saved somewhere. Hoping against hope that Riot will listen to your cries) of the champions you have found to be completely broken in this mode and abuse them throughout this week!

Oh and by the way, remember how Kassadin and Ryze were made unavailable in this gamemode last year? Not this time! Apart from a few minor tweaks to certain champions abilities to keep them in line it seems we’ll be seeing the full roster of the League terrorizing Summoner’s Rift with their abilities jacked up on energy drinks. What new game breaking metas will arise this time around with the update champion pool? I know I’m excited…Azir anyone?

Well then summoners what are you waiting for? Your cries were heard loud and clear, get on out there! While U.R.F may be back it’s unlikely it will stay for as long as we’d like. But there is always hope.

What do you think? Would you like to see U.R.F mode become more than a featured gamemode? Share your thoughts below!