Founded in 2013 by Devin ‘Tranquil’, Leverage became widely known amongst the South African and European community. Reaching the European CoD Regionals only a year later and attending some of the top LANs with top teams, Leverage has become a household name amongst the EU Scene. Now in 2015, Leverage ventures on a new mission to become a top team amongst the entire eSports scene.

Our new owner had this to say about his acquisition of Leverage:
“Well, for me Leverage has significant meaning, having been the first organisation I was ever invited too. It is also a name and brand that gamers are familiar with, and I’m making it my sole job or ‘purpose’ to re-invest the time, money and patience into rebuilding such a great name, and giving up-coming talent a chance to represent the name & brand.”

Having missed out of a COD Championship place twice in succession (2013 & 2014) and placed well in multiple game genres at LAN, Leverage has now passed on to it’s third owner. Excited by the prospect of bringing back such an idolised team, it’s up to a few individuals to get Leverage back where it belongs amongst not only the EU Scene, but worldwide.

That is why we pride ourselves on professionalism, character and teamwork. That is why we will #RiseAboveTheRest.