Vanity eSports

Vanity eSports is a competitive gaming organisation founded in 2009 and since then has grown into a well respected and recognised organisation in the European eSports scene. In 2010 Vanity eSports began hosting tournaments on a variety of esports titles, leaving behind supporting teams. However in June 2014 Vanity eSports made a return to supporting teams once again. Vanity eSports currently supports teams to online and offline competitive eSports events as well as hosts tournaments for competitive Xbox, Playstation and PC titles.

Vanity Tournaments

Tournaments System:
Our new tournaments system was custom made for Vanity eSports including the exact features and layout that we required. It offers unique and easy to use features when entering and competing in our tournaments. It is now live but still under development every day to continuously improve its features.

Some features the system includes:
– Simple layout with all details for a tournament on 1 page.
– Save your team to be loaded every time you go to enter a tournament.
– Enter a player’s username in your team settings to load their gamertag (which they may change) and stats onto your team.
– Entering player usernames on your team profile grants them basic team admin and score reporting permissions.
– Simple to use enter form now including website and logo.
– Simple teams list with all team rosters and details on 1 page.
– Random map sets every tournament so you will no longer play the same maps every tournament.
– Simple reporting system with proof option. All scores are displayed under the report form and you can view the current status of the report (open, complete). If the match you report has already been reported by the other team as a dispute, the status will automatically set to dispute.
– (Back end) simple admin controls to make admin jobs more simple.
– Simple to use P2P Tournament entry system.
– Easily view and find all the latest and past tournaments.
– Auto updating Hall of Fame page.
– Experience/ranking/leaderboard system. Gain experience for top placements in tournaments and cups. You may view your personal stats on your stats page including XP, Level, Wins, 2nd places, 3rd places or view the top players on the player rankings page. The top ranked player on each game will have a crown symbol next to their name in tournaments. We may soon implement prizes and rewards for the top ranked players each month and use rankings for seeds in some tournaments.
– and much more!

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